Top 14 Tech Websites of 2016

Top 14 Tech Websites of 2016

Are you a tech geek? Yes? You are at the right place. This is the era of technology, the era of revolution, the era where there are tech websites and blogs so informative, so great that you would be lost without them. If you are looking for the latest tech news around the world and the current technology trends of this revolutionary era, then these are some blogs that you need to add to your bookmarks!



Tech Webistes

Mashable takes over the worlds of Facebook, Twitter, and everything else the tech geeks are talking about and mash it up into the kind of blog casserole that we just cannot get enough of.



Tech Websites

Gizmodo’s been a must-follow site for a long time, with the tons of tech posts, a youthful ambiance, and some funnier commenters on the Internet.



latest tech news around the world

The blog ensures to craft an enlightened society. It deals news on a extensive range of technological products including mobile, computer, security, photography, tech industry, tech culture, internet, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.



Technology Websites

If you are looking for the latest tech news around the world, look no further. News, analysis on Web 2.0, technology, social media startups, gaming — you name it, GigaOM has it covered.


Tech Websites

Founded in 1991. ZDNet was purchased in 2000 by CNET, and reports on a variety of tech news. ZDNet is among the tech websites that focus heavily on the usual suspects (Microsoft, Google, Apple), It also features software downloads, product reviews and tons of analysis and news on technology businesses and problems.


Technology Websites

Younger than ZDNet but TechCrunch is not just the 2nd biggest tech blog, it is the No. 2 blog overall behind The Huffington Post. Mix in a clean-looking site with just the right amount of tech gossip.

Computerworld Blogs


Tech Websites 2016

Computerworld — one of the eldest and most esteemed IT magazines. CW has quite of great blogs to choose from, but our chosen is the pertinently named “Apple Holic” by Jonny Evans.

Official Google Enterprise Blog

Top Tech Websites

Regardless it’s non-catchy name, this is the place to find out everything about Google, the apps they have created, and the information about company.

How-To Geek


Tech Websites

Even the best IT “geeks” cannot possibly know how to do everything. That is why we love this tech website. Here you can discover how to review products, remove hyperlinks from Microsoft Word Docs, and play a ton of free games.


Latest tech news

ITBE is essential for those in the tech industry. If you want to stay on top of technology issues and the trends that are affecting your company and technology industry as a whole, you better pay close consideration to


Technology Website

The Next Web is among the other leading tech websites on the internet that provides latest tech news around the world on the daily basis. Mostly it covers topics related to tech, culture and business. It publishes interesting articles for future gadgets.


Future Trendz is also a popular tech site on internet that provides news related to the latest technology trends. The tech website also publishes helpful guides related to the future gadgets, entertainment, science, design and business etc.


Tech websites

This blog mostly shares articles related to the latest and future gadgets like mobiles, TV, tablets, gaming devices and laptops. also covers videos, podcasts and images related to latest technology trends.


Tech Websites

The Verge is among the famous tech websites for technology lovers who are chiefly interesting in reading product reviews, tech news and products information etc.

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