5 Questions Regarding AI We Should Think About

5 Questions Regarding AI We Should Think About

AI (Artificial intelligence) is already here, says Joanna Bryson, an expert in AI at Bath University, UK. Artificial intelligence programs have been creating hype since a last couple of decades.

Is That a Problem If AI Can Predict Us?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Joanna says we should carefully think about this kind of Artificial intelligence.

She added, that the same things that we like when Amazon or a similar website recommends what we might like to buy, permits advertising to manipulate us. It permits the people to control the world differently.

Algorithms that are used by the Social Networks, say Twitter use to “improve” our experience may also influence which News we consume. It may also shape who we follow and can alter our future experiences of news. It isn’t just about predictions, says Joanna. It’s about data.

Are We in Need of Data Police?


It’s difficult to go a day without exposing to an organization or a company something about yourself. Even the loyalty card permits the supermarkets to build up a depiction of what you have a preference. This could be an issue.

“If your information is spontaneously available out there, people have control over you, because they can inspect you,” explains Joanna.  “Firms like to hold all the information, but governments can call it, or hackers can misuse it.”

In terms of data, Joanna said that it was a wild west out there.’’ According to Joanna these are the problems that we face now with the artificial intelligence programs and AI systems, but what about what is yet to come? Only last year, Stephen Hawking warned us against AI.

Are AI Systems a Danger to Our Existence?

robots with artificial intelligence

The AI expert said that concluding that on just the bases of intelligence is inane.

 “There’re a lot of really intelligent people who aren’t trying to take over the world. There’s a fragmented idea that anything that is intelligent (like the robots with artificial intelligence) has the same kind of ambitions as we do,” she says.

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Should We Be Making AI That Behaves Like Humans?


Joanna thinks no.

“What people desire are better friends or something and I think that’s incoherent. Of course we have a desire for good friends but would you want one that can be turned off by you?” There are other snags with building the robots behaving like a human.

“If we deliberately try and make something like people, I’d say it to be ethically erroneous. Everything that we’ve come to think it ethical is based around defending humans or things like humans,” she added.

AI Could Be Powerful. Should We Have a Campaign to Stop the Killer Robots?


“I don’t like the term killer robot. It’s not the robots that kill; it’s the people who are doing the killing with them. We are the ones who build the machine, and then blame it for doing something when we made the choice to use the machine.”

Joanna added that the erudite weapons could affect warfare in diverse ways. If a nation is sending machines on operations instead of the human soldiers, it makes less of an influence on the citizens of country sending in the machines. This in turn can move the public attitudes towards warfare.

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