Latest iPad News: Apple to Launch New iPad Pro in 2017

Latest iPad News: Apple to Launch New iPad Pro in 2017

Latest iPad News

In this technological era, the future is copious with iPads, according to the latest iPad news from a new industry analyst. At this point in 21st century, it is safe to assume that the twelve-monthly cycle of novel Apple products is as regular as progression of the lunar calendar. A report that was released on Monday, and was covered by MacRumors gave us an insight on what to expect from the technology giant in year 2017 and 2018. According to latest news, Apple is preparing to announce a trio of new iPads next year, including novel 10.5-inch iPad Pro and a “low-cost” 9.7-in iPad. These ipad rumors have been confirmed by Ming-Chi Kuo, who is a respected Apple Analyst and whose latest forecasts for iPhone-maker were informed by MacRumors. Mr. Kuo claims that “revolutionary” variations could be made to iPad’s design in 2018.

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Apple is fixed to reveal, next year iPads that will break the frame, together with a 10.5-in model and other with a bendable AMOLED-display to present the novel trading points through the radical form factor design and user behavior changes,” says the latest iPad news. 10.5-in is not a big leap from 9.7-in, however the inferences are delicate. The increase in size takes upcoming iPad closer to trifling laptop size. The upcoming tablet will also allegedly run on a latest A10X chip, which is the tablet-sized version of A10 (anticipated to power iPhone 7 that is due next month).

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A 10.5-inch upcoming iPad model for the commercial and scholastic markets would unquestionably fit the existing trends for Apple’s tablets. Last week, it was confirmed that while sales for iPad were falling overall, the demand is rolling from government and businesses. Mr. Kuo foresees that, until the flexible AMOLED iPad Pro hits market, Apple will continue to face the deteriorating iPad sales throughout 2017. However if Apple in 2018 does achieve the pull off a new kind of tablet, before Samsung reveals its malleable, bendable devices, then the upcoming iPad might very well enjoy a new heave of sales and popularity.

latest iPad news.

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As per the latest iPad news, 2018 could be a year of big changes for iPad. According to the Apple analyst the revolutionary iPad model is likely to be introduced in 2018, with radical variations in form factor design and user behavior on adoption of flexible AMOLED board. This product will be the first iPad to feature a flexible screen, with upgraded hardware accompanied by fundamental modifications in iPad’s interface. Implementation of such technology would boost up sales by proposing, says Kuo that the new selling points through the radical form factor design and behavior changes of the user. The analyst also foresees that Apple will implement the OLED technology for iPad in 2018. We shall be waiting for more ipad rumors on that score, before we begin searching out for an iPad with the curved display of Samsung Galaxy Edge. Let’s see whether this recent upgrade will be a success or a flop.

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